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Human-Centric Process design

Process design with people in mind.

Preference-based task assignment

Let people do what they love to do

Assign a task to a person based on the person’s preference. Preference is defined as a set of activities that the person has an inclination towards and hence may have been executed more often along with higher execution efficiency by a person Read more

Expertise-based task assignment

Match tasks to experts' specialized skills for efficiency

Assign tasks based on the unique skills of the person(s) involved. Expertise is defined as the specialised skills possessed by a resource Read more

Role-based task assignment

Assign tasks based on resources' roles in the organisation

Read more

Workload-based task assignment

Allocate tasks based on individuals' incomplete workload

Assign tasks to people based on their workload, which refers to the number of task instances started but not yet completed by a person Read more

Constraint-based task assignment

Allocate tasks considering business process execution constraints

Assign tasks to resources based on constraints associated with the execution of tasks within the business process Read more

Deploy extra resources

If capacity is insufficient, consider increasing the available number of resources

Allocate more people to a task in a process for strategic reasons, such as speeding up the process or reacting to trends Read more

Empower resources

Empower workers for more decision-making authority

Give workers most of the decision-making authority instead of relying on middle management Read more

Task delegation

Reassign tasks along the organisational hierarchy

Task delegation is when a person who was originally assigned a task passes it on to another person based on their position in the organisational hierarchy. Read more

Appoint case managers

Assign a responsible individual for handling each case type

Assign a person as a manager for a case who is responsible and accountable for all decisions taken during the process execution Read more

Performance-based task assignment

Allocate tasks based on past performance: execution time and success

Assign tasks based on a person’s past performance, measured by execution time and successful outcomes Read more

Experience-based task assignment

Delegate task according to experience: execution frequency, case involvement, interactions

Assign a task to a person based on their experience, measured by the number of times they have executed a work item, been involved in a case, and interacted with others Read more

Quality-based task assignment

Allocate task based on past feedback or quality metrics

Assign a task based on prior internal or external customer feedback or quality metrics Read more

Cost-based task assignment

Delegate tasks according to resource cost

Assign tasks based on the cost of a resource, defined as the person’s per-hour cost when executing a task Read more

Teamwork-based assignment

Allocate task based on collaborative experience: handover time, interactions, diversity

Assign a task to a person based on their experience working with other resources, which is measured by factors such as the time taken for handovers, number of interactions, and diversity of experience with different people Read more

Department-based assignment

Distribute tasks by interdepartmental interactions to enable or restrict involvement

Assign tasks to people based on their interactions with other departments to involve multiple departments or limit involvement Read more

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