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Streamlined Checkin at BPM Conference 2023

Streamlined Checkin at BPM Conference 2023

At BPM Conference 2023, the organizers use QR codes as to streamline the checkin procedure

This application of the interface pattern allows for faster checkin

The organizers of the BPM Conference 2023 implement their own patterns to enhance the attendee experience. In an effort to streamline the check-in process and improve overall efficiency, they have implemented the Interface pattern. This involves sending QR codes to conference attendees, a practice widely utilized at various events such as conferences, concerts, and cinemas.

The QR code system simplifies the check-in process, allowing attendees to present their codes for a faster and smoother entry into the conference. While this method is not new to the event industry, it serves as a prime example of the Interface pattern in action.

The Interface pattern suggests the establishment of a standardized interface to optimize processes, making them faster and of higher quality. By adopting this practice, the BPM community is demonstrating its commitment to improving one of its most prestigious events. This forward-thinking approach is a testament to the dedication of the organizers and their desire to create a seamless experience for conference-goers.

The BPM Conference 2023, taking place in Utrecht from September 12 to 15, 2023 is a gathering of a passionate community. So not surprisingly, the implementation of the pattern was noticed early on:


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Foundational basic Patterns

Deploy extra resources

If capacity is insufficient, consider increasing the available number of resources

Apply Integral technology

Elevate physical constraints by applying new technology

Establish standardized interfaces

Consider a standardized interface with customers and partners

Minimize numerical involvement

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Resequence activities

Move activities to more appropriate places

Offer temporal flexibility

Let customers interact with your organization whenever they want to.

Generalize your process

Explore whether a process can easily be used for additional products or services

Task delegation

Reassign tasks along the organisational hierarchy

Quality-based task assignment

Allocate task based on past feedback or quality metrics


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Establish standardized interfaces

Consider a standardized interface with customers and partners

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