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Cost-based task assignment

Delegate tasks according to resource cost

Assign tasks based on the cost of a resource, defined as the person’s per-hour cost when executing a task

Goel, K., Fehrer, T., Röglinger, M., & Wynn, M. T. (2023). Not Here, But There: Human Resource Allocation Patterns. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 377–394).


Performance considerations

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Foundational free Patterns

Automate activities

Consider automating activities

Buffer information

Buffer external information and subscribe to updates

Deploy extra resources

If capacity is insufficient, consider increasing the available number of resources

Establish standardized interfaces

Consider a standardized interface with customers and partners

Parallelize activities

Consider whether activities may be executed in parallel

Consolidate Work

Collect similar work items and work in batches

Shift Workload

Execute tasks when the grid is powered by renewable energy

Generalize your process

Explore whether a process can easily be used for additional products or services

Constraint-based task assignment

Allocate tasks considering business process execution constraints


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Quality-based task assignment

Allocate task based on past feedback or quality metrics

Experience-based task assignment

Delegate task according to experience: execution frequency, case involvement, interactions

Expertise-based task assignment

Match tasks to experts' specialized skills for efficiency

Performance-based task assignment

Allocate tasks based on past performance: execution time and success

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