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Department-based assignment

Distribute tasks by interdepartmental interactions to enable or restrict involvement

Assign tasks to people based on their interactions with other departments to involve multiple departments or limit involvement

Goel, K., Fehrer, T., Röglinger, M., & Wynn, M. T. (2023). Not Here, But There: Human Resource Allocation Patterns. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 377–394).



The review loan application task has been assigned to a resource from the finance and human resources departments, as they have shared responsibility.


For department-based assignments, prior information related to different departments, people in those departments, their skills, and the time involved in handovers may be required. Based on this information and the objective of the process, the appropriate resources would be allocated to the tasks of the process.

Performance considerations

This pattern will result in a high-quality outcome in less time and cost.


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