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Written by  Tobias Fehrer  —  Dec 3, 2023
// Engin Akyurt is designed to facilitate identifying, comprehending, and applying patterns. The site consolidates patterns from various sources into a single location. The design objective is to present patterns understandably and supplement them via content elements such as case studies, cheat sheets, pattern pairings, and original research paper.


An individual BPR pattern is presented on a single page and can consist of (a) a graphic that symbolizes the pattern, (b) a short name that encapsulates the essenceof the pattern, (c) a summary outlining the pattern’s key idea or guiding question for its use,(d) a reference to the original academic publication or report from where the pattern wascollected, (e) a section clarifying the pattern’s workings and its application, (f) key takeaways,(g) details regarding its estimated influence on business process performance and a radar chart– a graphical representation depicting the multi-dimensional impact of the BPR pattern onperformance dimensions (similar to the visualization of the Devil’s Quadrangle), (h) relatedpatterns that have a conceptual or practical connection to the current pattern, and (i) real-worldexamples demonstrating the pattern’s application and effectiveness.


The pairings section shows how different patterns can be combined for process improvement. The idea is that combining individual patterns can offer more significant improvements or more suitable applications.

Case Studies

The idea behind the case studies section is to provide real-world examples of how patterns or pairings have been applied in practice. These case studies provide practical insights and demonstrate the patterns' effectiveness in various contexts. Case study pages link back to their patterns.

Cheat Sheets

The cheat sheets section provides summaries of patterns belonging to one topic (e.g., sustainability). The idea is to offer a reference guide that users can refer to when they need a focused view on a topic in BPR.


The research section is a repository featuring all academic publications presenting the BPR patterns on the site or covering various process improvement topics.

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