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To - A useful collection of patterns and best practices for process improvement observed in the field and collected to spark your ideas. Contribute

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Improvement patterns that provide inspiration for process improvement

Consolidate Work

Collect similar work items and work in batches

Tailored privacy settings

Offer customers the possibility to choose among privacy settings

Establish standardized interfaces

Consider a standardized interface with customers and partners

Automate for environmental impact

Implement automation in a sustainable way

Human Process Performance

Consider whether it is eco-friendly to let humans work over machines

Green Feature

Let products appear greener

Quality-based task assignment

Allocate task based on past feedback or quality metrics

Cost-based task assignment

Delegate tasks according to resource cost

Latest pairings

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Combinations of patterns

Premium Service

Provide exceptional service experiences for premium customers

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Latest case studies

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Documented occurences of process improvement patterns in the wild

Camunda Carbon Reductor

Camunda Carbon Reductor

The Camunda Carbon Reductor allows you to time shift your business process execution to a time when energy is green.

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Streamlined Checkin at BPM Conference 2023

Streamlined Checkin at BPM Conference 2023

At BPM Conference 2023, the organizers use QR codes as to streamline the checkin procedure

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Reducing carbon emissions in a core system

Reducing carbon emissions in a core system

UBM and Microsoft shift computational tasks in CO2-reduced times

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Improve business processes with redesign patterns

A four-step methodology that works in workshops

Select patterns

Select redesign patterns that, based on their description and functionality, are generally suitable for the process at hand.

Identify process parts

Identify suitable places in the process model where the pattern can be applied.

Create process alternatives

Create (multiple) alternative process models through modeling.

Evaluate the design

Evaluate the process redesign option by assessing the impact on the process improvement goals and balancing the effort required for subsequent implementation.

Latest Research

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Articles and papers that drive our understanding of process improvement

Not Here, But There: Human-centric Process Redesign Patterns

Fifteen patterns for putting human resources first.

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Explorative process design patterns

This study proposes seven explorative process design patterns derived from secondary data analysis.

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The biggest business process management problems to solve before we die

This paper outlines nine major research challenges in BPM, collected through an open call and refined via workshops.

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Automated Knock-Out Checks with Process Mining

The study presents an interpretable process mining approach to identify improvements, reduce waste, and suggest redesigns in knock-out check processes.

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Green business process patterns

This paper presents patterns for green business process design, addressing the overlooked ecological dimension in current business process optimization techniques.

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Assisted business process redesign

A semi-automated approach for process improvement based based on process data, best practices and simulation

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Design heuristics for customer-centric business processes

This paper presents 15 design heuristics for creating customer-centric business processes, a largely unaddressed area in traditional efficiency-focused process design.

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Best practices in business process redesign

This paper presents an overview of heuristic rules for business process redesign, focusing on process mechanics rather than behavioral or change aspects.

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Redesign patterns

Process redesign heuristics for process improvement.

Spark Innovation

Redesign patterns provide simple yet powerful ideas that can ignite innovation and creativity in improving business processes.

Practical Guidance

Patterns offer practical guidance and proven approaches that can be readily applied to address process challenges and inefficiencies.

Efficiency Boost

Implementing redesign patterns can lead to streamlined processes, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing unnecessary steps, thus improving overall efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

By incorporating redesign patterns, organizations can foster a culture of continuous improvement, constantly seeking ways to enhance their processes.


Redesign patterns offer flexibility, allowing organizations to adapt and tailor them to their specific needs, accommodating different contexts and requirements.


Process redesign patterns are designed to be easily understood and implemented, making them accessible to individuals and teams at various expertise levels.

Simple to Implement

These patterns simplify complex processes into manageable steps, facilitating a smoother and more efficient implementation with reduced confusion or resistance.

Sustainable Growth

By leveraging redesign patterns, businesses can achieve sustainable growth by optimizing their processes, reducing waste, and maximizing value creation.


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