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Resequence activities

Move activities to more appropriate places

Reijers, H., & Liman Mansar, S. (2005). Best practices in business process redesign: an overview and qualitative evaluation of successful redesign heuristics. Omega, 33(4)

category: Business Process Behavior
class: Routing Rules
frameworkAspect: Behavioral view
redesignOperation: Sequentialize; Add Task; Remove Task
perspective: control-flow


The current sequencing of tasks in existing workflows may not fully reflect the logical constraints that need to be observed between tasks. As a result, it can occasionally be advantageous to delay a task, particularly if it is not necessary for tasks that immediately follow. By doing this, there's a chance that the task may turn out to be unnecessary, leading to cost savings. Moreover, positioning a task closer to another task of a similar nature can potentially reduce setup times. Examples of these resequencing strategies include the knock-out heuristic, control relocation, and the parallelism heuristic.

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Performance considerations

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Resequence activities

Move activities to more appropriate places


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