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A useful collection of patterns and best practices for process improvement observed in the field and collected to spark your ideas

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Improvement patterns that provide inspiration for process improvement

Offer temporal flexibility

Let customers interact with your organization whenever they want to.

Shift Workload

Execute tasks when the grid is powered by renewable energy

Use eco-friendly resources

Replace underlying resources with eco-friendly alternatives

Green Variant

Offer a green alternative with the same outcome, utilizing different steps, resources, or partners, while retaining the previous existing process

Isolate exceptions

Design business processes for typical cases and isolate exceptional cases from the normal flow

Establish a case-based mindset

Remove batch-processing and periodic activities from your business process

Appoint case managers

Assign a responsible individual for handling each case type

Offer location flexibility

Let customers interact with the company wherever they want to

Improve business processes with redesign patterns

A four-step methodology

Select patterns

Select redesign patterns that, based on their description and functionality, are generally suitable for the process at hand.

Identify process parts

Identify suitable places in the process model where the pattern can be applied.

Create process alternatives

Create (multiple) alternative process models through modeling.

Evaluate the design

Evaluate the process redesign option by assessing the impact on the process improvement goals and balancing the effort required for subsequent implementation.

Latest Research

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Articles and papers that drive our understanding of process improvement

The biggest business process management problems to solve before we die

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Automated Knock-Out Checks with Process Mining

The study presents an interpretable process mining approach to identify improvements, reduce waste, and suggest redesigns in knock-out check processes.

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Green business process patterns

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Assisted business process redesign

A semi-automated approach for process improvement based based on process data, best practices and simulation

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Design heuristics for customer-centric business processes

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Best practices in business process redesign

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Redesign patterns

Process redesign heuristics for process improvement.


Patterns are not invented but discovered from the field


Redesign patterns aim to help achieve performance objectives


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