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Green business process patterns

This paper presents patterns for green business process design, addressing the overlooked ecological dimension in current business process optimization techniques.

Nowak, A., Leymann, F., Schleicher, D., Schumm, D., & Wagner, S. (2011, October 21). Green business process patterns. Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs. PLoP 11: Pattern Languages of Programs Conference 2011. read

A cheat sheet for process sustainability

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Patterns related to this reserach item:

Green Compensation

Start implementing actions that can offset or counterbalance the environmental effects generated by business processes that cannot be changed.

Use eco-friendly resources

Replace underlying resources with eco-friendly alternatives

Green Feature

Let products appear greener

Green Variant

Offer a green alternative with the same outcome, utilizing different steps, resources, or partners, while retaining the previous existing process

Automate for environmental impact

Implement automation in a sustainable way

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