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Self-checkout at IKEA

Self-checkout at IKEA

IKEA offers its customers the possibility to scan and pay products themselves at self-service checkouts. Using the self-service checkouts gives many customers pleasure and reduces their waiting time. As another example, Allianz offers customers the possibility to change and check their personal data in the online customer portal.

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Tobias Fehrer

Tobias is doctoral student and has created as a side project. His research is on data-driven process improvement.

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Foundational basic Patterns

Eliminate activities

Eliminate unnecessary activities

Buffer information

Buffer external information and subscribe to updates

Work in customer teams

Form cross-department teams for end-to-end case handling.

Empower resources

Empower workers for more decision-making authority

Establish standardized interfaces

Consider a standardized interface with customers and partners

Human Process Performance

Consider whether it is eco-friendly to let humans work over machines

Preference-based task assignment

Let people do what they love to do

Workload-based task assignment

Allocate tasks based on individuals' incomplete workload

Cost-based task assignment

Delegate tasks according to resource cost


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In this case study

Offer Customer self-service

Offer customers the possibility to serve themselves

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