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Lufthansa Green Fare

Lufthansa Green Fare

Green Fares are standalone options that can be directly booked, available alongside existing Economy and Business fares.

The Lufthansa Green Fare is an innovative implementation of the green compensation business process redesign pattern in the airline industry. It's a standalone fare type that customers can directly book, much like the traditional Economy or Business fares.

When customers book a Lufthansa Green Fare, they are essentially choosing a flight option that not only provides the benefits of standard Economy or Business fares but also includes added value aimed at offsetting environmental impact.

In this case, the original process - air travel - which is known for significant carbon emissions, remains unchanged due to the inherent nature of the industry and the high costs associated with transitioning to greener technologies. However, by choosing the Green Fare, passengers trigger a compensatory process. Under this fare, when a passenger chooses to book either Economy Green or Business Green fares for their travel within Europe, they contribute towards a two-pronged approach for reducing the environmental impact of their flight.

The first element is reducing emissions: 20% of the flight-related CO2 emissions are cut down by utilizing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The second element involves offsetting the emissions: the remaining 80% of the CO2 emissions are compensated for by Lufthansa making an equivalent contribution to high-quality climate protection projects.

This process is a direct application of the green compensation pattern as it does not change the core aviation process, but initiates a compensatory action to reduce environmental harm. This 20/80 mix of reduction and offsetting is an integral part of Lufthansa's Green Fares and is aimed at facilitating more sustainable air travel.

Additionally, Lufthansa rewards customers who choose Green Fares with flexible rebooking options and an extra 20% status and award miles on European routes, creating a positive reinforcement loop that encourages more passengers to opt for this environmentally conscious fare.

This example showcases how the green compensation business process redesign pattern can be applied in an industry where certain operations cannot be easily made more sustainable. Despite the difficulties of modifying the original process, the introduction of Green Fares allows Lufthansa to improve their overall environmental impact.

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